Which equipment is used to split cocoa beans?

For most cocoa growers, opening the pods to get the beans is a difficult process. And the traditional method of split cocoa beans with a knife is time-consuming and damaging. As a result, an automatic cocoa pod cutter was born. This machine is widely used in the cocoa pod cutting treatment.

Introduction and characteristics of the cutter

The processing of the cocoa beans largely mechanized now. But when pods removed from the trees, most cocoa growers use artificial pods to get their beans.

This method of artificially split cocoa beans has been used to this day. But it has some disadvantages, such as the ease of cutting up the beans and the difficulty in recruiting workers.

So growers still need specialist machines to cut and sift the pods.

Cocoa pod lift and cut machine
Cocoa Pod Lift And Cut Machine

The cocoa pod cutting machine is specially designed according to the shape and characteristics of the cocoa. The machine consists of two parts: a cutting device and a sieving device.

Sieving machine
Sieving Machine

The operator only needs to put the cocoa on the conveyor belt. Which requires less skill for the operator and requires only simple operation and maintenance skills.

In addition, the safety of this machine is also relatively high. There are professional protective devices in the operation of cocoa cutting device part, to eliminate potential safety hazards.

The commercial value of cocoa pod cutter

Today, cocoa plantations around the world are skyrocketing, as consumers grow more and more of the chocolate, cocoa powder, cocoa paste, and other foods made from cocoa.

The processing and production of cocoa products have been highly automated. Which has also saved a great deal of human and material resources.

The cocoa after the cut
The Cocoa After The Cut

So the cocoa pod cutter at the front end of the cocoa processing is commercially viable, a machine that any cocoa grower can’t do without, creating the unlimited commercial potential for manufacturers.

How to choose the right pod cutting machine

Cocoa pod cutter mainly divided into large and small two types, customers only need to choose according to their actual planting amount.
If you have any other machine performance or details of the problem, please feel free to leave a message, we will provide you with the best solution.