Automatic cocoa bean separating machine

Automatic cocoa bean separating machine is special equipment for separating cocoa beans and cocoa pods. Compared with the traditional way of opening cocoa beans, this kind of machine has higher pod opening efficiency and avoids causing accidental injury to cocoa beans in the process of splitting, so it is the best kind of cocoa bean separation machine.

Cocoa with cocoa pods

Because the cocoa we see every day is in the form of cocoa beans, the cocoa beans are the seeds of the cocoa tree, but in fact, the cocoa beans grow inside the cocoa pod during the growth process, and the cocoa pod is the fruit of cacao tree.

Cocoa that grows on the cacao tree
Cocoa That Grows On The Cacao Tree

The flowers of the cacao tree will bloom directly on the trunk or main branches and will grow into fruits after they mature.

How to separate cocoa beans from pods?

For cocoa growers, how can the cocoa beans be separated from the pods more efficiently? Nowadays, most of the growers still use the manual method of opening pods. After harvesting the cocoa, there will dedicate operators gathered to cut the cocoa pods and then dig the seeds. This operation method is also the most traditional.

The scene of opening the cocoa pod
The Scene Of Opening The Cocoa Pod

But now there is a more professional and efficient cocoa pod cutting method: cocoa bean separating machine, compared with the traditional way of opening pods, this cocoa bean separator can effectively improve the separation efficiency.

Introduction of cocoa bean separator

The cocoa bean separating machine specially designed for the research of cocoa pod opening. It can complete the pod opening and seed removal processing at one time so that the cocoa beans can be completely separated from the pods.

Cocoa bean separating machine
Cocoa Bean Separating Machine

The cocoa bean separating machine mainly composed of two parts: a cutting device and a sieving device. The cutting device is mainly responsible for completely cutting the pods. The gap between the blades can automatically adjust according to the different sizes of the cocoa pods, which can avoid different sizes. The phenomenon of damage to cocoa beans; the sieving device composed of a drum and a frame with screen holes. After the cocoa pods are cut, this device is responsible for separating the cocoa beans from the pods.

Unique advantages of cocoa bean separator

  1. High separation efficiency, save time
  2. The operation is simple, only one or two people are required to operate, saving a lot of manpower
  3. No damage to cocoa, the high degree of automation
  4. Made of high-quality steel, high corrosion resistance
  5. Stable operation and low energy consumption
A cocoa pod have been cut open
A Cocoa Pod Have Been Cut Open