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Green walnut skin peeling machine

green walnut skin peeling machine
The green walnut is the name of the walnut hanging fruit period. We are common in daily life walnut, walnut is generally removed after the appearance of green skin. So, how to remove the green walnut peel, this is about to talk about the machine we want to introduce: green walnut skin peeling machine.

Walnut cracking machine

Walnut cracking machine
Fully automatic walnut cracking machine is a professional equipment for shelling the hard shell of walnuts. This machine is widely used in the production line of walnut processing, the rate of shelling is high. Whether you are a walnut grower or a processing manufacturer, this fully automatic walnut sheller is your ideal choice.

Cashew nut shelling machine

cashew nut shelling machine
The cashew nut shelling machine is a kind of automatic equipment which is specially used to shuck the hard cashew shell. Compared with the traditional manual and manual equipment, the working efficiency of the automatic cashew nut cracking machine is higher, and the breakage rate of nuts is lower than that of manual sheller. Greatly improved the processing efficiency of cashew nuts.

Nut grading machine

Nut grading machine
The nut grading machine is mainly used for stone removal and screening of various nuts. The whole process includes feeding, stone removal and screening. The processed nuts have no excess impurities and are of uniform size, which is very suitable for the pre-processing of nuts and provides great convenience for the subsequent processing steps.