Nigerian customers order peanut candy bar production line

We export a peanut candy bar production line to Nigeria, peanut candy bar production line includes jacketed pot, mixer, peanut candy forming machine, packaging machine.

Peanut candy bar production steps

Peanut candy bar production
Peanut Candy Bar Production

The production process of peanut candy bars is relatively simple, which is why many people choose to produce this product. First, the sugar of the peanut candy is melted, then the peanut and sugar are fully stirred, the peanut candy is rolled and formed, and then packaged after cooling. This is the complete peanut candy production process.

Introduction to Nigerian Customers

This is the second time we cooperate with Nigerian customers, and the interval is two years. The first cooperation is in 2020. The first time we signed a contract for the wrapping peanut thread, and then after two years of operation, the Nigerian customer wants to carry out Expanding their own peanut industry, aftermarket analysis, the customer intends to produce peanut candy. Our company has a complete range of peanut machines, so the customer found us again to ask about the peanut candy production line. Our company’s peanut candy production line happens to be our best-selling machine, and there are many options for machine functions and output.

Determine the output of the peanut candy bar production line

Peanut candy bar production line
Peanut Candy Bar Line

After receiving the inquiry from the customer, we will first determine the product to be produced and then inquire about the output of the production. When communicating with this Nigerian customer, I learned that the customer wants a daily output of 3000kg. After calculation, the average workday is 8 hours, so a 400kg/h production line can be arranged.

Confirm the signing of the contract

After confirming the output, the machine was basically determined. In addition, the customer added a peanut shelling machine, because sometimes the purchased raw materials were not shelled, and then we added the peanut shelling machine to the final contract.

Description of peanut candy production

Peanut candy
Peanut Candy

1. The size of the peanut candy needs to be determined. The size of the peanut candy needs to be determined for both the molding and packaging of the peanut candy.

2. Other nuts, such as almonds, cashews, sesame seeds, can be added to peanut candy processing

3. The peanut candy packaging machine can pack other products, and its functions are diverse

4. The peanut candy production line has a different output and can be customized