Commercial Peanut Brittle Making Machine Delivery to Nigeria

This Nigerian customer used to produce stationery. Now he wants to expand his business and attack the food industry. Through investigations, he learned that the peanut candy production process is simple and is also popular with consumers. So he chose the peanut candy production business and finally determined that he needed a peanut brittle making machine.

Why do customers choose our peanut brittle making machine?

When Nigerian customers bought this peanut candy machine, they have been comparing it with other companies, but they finally chose our company for the purchase. There are several reasons why we summarized it. The first is because the machine is well-made, the material is durable, the machine is highly intelligent, and the output is large, and the second is because of our attitude comparison in the communication process. For customers with certain intentions, not only sales staff will follow up with customers. Document problems in the purchase process will be followed up by professional engineers. If customers want to have special customization requirements for the machine, they can be resolved in time. The last is the unremitting service attitude. Our sales staff are patient when communicating with customers. Consider the problem from the customer’s point of view.

Peanut brittle making blender
Peanut Brittle Making Blender

The peanut planting industry has developed well

The planting area is extensive in Nigeria, and the proportion of households related to the planting industry is as high as 94%. In Nigeria, you will often see some peanut snacks, such as coated peanuts, peanut candy, roasted peanuts, and even boiled peanuts are also very popular. Peanuts packed in bags or bottles are very popular in Nigeria, and some are packed in glass bottles.

The peanut brittle making process is simple

To make delicious peanut candy, the processing process is very simple, and the raw materials used are also very common, which is very suitable for mass production in the factory. The production of peanut brittle only needs sugar and peanuts. For some finely processed products, some nuts may be added or a layer of sesame seeds may be sprinkled. The processing process needs to use a sugar melting pot and peanut sugar forming machine, and finally, the packaging is enough.