How does an almond slicer machine work?

The almond slicer machine can cut almonds into slices, why cut almonds into slices? It is because almonds can be used to put on cakes or bread after being cut into slices, which enrich the taste of cakes and are also very popular with consumers. The almond slicer can not only cut almonds, but also peanuts, walnuts, macadamia, cashews, and other nuts. The price of the same cake will increase due to the addition of some almond flakes. So it is necessary to use a one-day almond slicer for processing nuts.

How to use an peanut slicer

The use of the almond slicer is very simple. You only need to enter the almonds from the feed inlet, turn on the switch, and then the machine can automatically slice almonds. It is worth mentioning here that dry or wet almonds can be used, but because Dried almonds are more brittle, and there may be more peanut fragments during the almond slicing process. Wet almonds can solve this problem to a great extent. In addition, almonds with a humidity of 15% can be cut out. best effect.

Almond slicer machine 1
Almond Slicing Machine

The effect of almond slicer machine

According to our long-term communication with customers and research results, most processors will choose a thickness of 1mm, which can not only reflect the aroma of nuts but also not be too thick, which will affect the taste of the cake.

Precautions of nut slicing machine

1. Nuts can’t be too dry. If the material is too dry, you need to soak them now and then slice them. If the material is too dry, the slices are easily broken.

2. If the moisture content is too high, it may cause the cutter and discharge port to accumulate.
3. Nuts should go through the selection process and should not be mixed with sand, stones, and other sundries, otherwise the blade will be missing.