Is there an easy way to slice almonds?

It is not difficult to find that there are many foods on the market, such as cakes, biscuits, bread, pastries, and so on, with an almond flake on the surface. Such food looks more beautiful in appearance, makes consumers have more appetite, and tastes great. So how do you make these slices? Is there an easy way to slice almonds?

Introduction to almond

Almond is rich in nutritional value, with protein, fat, carbohydrate, calcium, phosphorus, iron, and a variety of vitamins. Often eat can not only enhance the human body’s resistance but also delay aging, regulating the effect of blood fat.


In the market, there is much food made of almond, almond powder, almond biscuits, almond powder, almond cake, etc., of course, also including the next we are going to introduce almond slices.

The almond slice is widely present in many foods in recent years, are generally not sticky on the surface of food, the food at the time of edible taste and smell better.

How to slice almonds?

Because of the small size of the almonds themselves. It is difficult to slice the almonds and requires a professional tool or machine to complete.

Almond slicer is specially designed for the slicing of almonds, the machine uses pneumatic principle and professional driving device. So that the thickness of the sliced almonds is even, more conducive to the subsequent use of slices.

Almond slicer
Almonds Slicer

What can almond slices do?

Almond sliver

Almond sliver is a popular dessert with a thin, crisp flavor and a simple recipe that doesn’t require complicated baking skills. One of the most important ingredients in almond slivers is almond slices.

Almond sliver
Almond Sliver

Cake coating

Many cream cakes will also be covered with almond slices, which will have a different flavor when mixed with cream. Among the many cake types, almond slices are the most popular among consumers.