Almond slicing machine/almond cutting machine for sale

The almond slicing machine is a kind of common slicing equipment in the almond food processing industry. Which can quickly and evenly cut the whole almond into the appropriate thickness. After the cut almond slices can use in the production or decoration of a variety of food. The common use of almond slices for cakes, and a variety of dessert surface coating.

How to make sliced almonds

Because the thickness of the almond slice is generally very thin, so the production of the almond slice is generally unable to complete manually, need to have a special almond slicer to slice.

Almond slicing machine
Almond Slicing Machine

The thickness of almond slices can set in advance before cut the almond slicer. As long as the slice thickness set in advance, the machine can cut almond slices with the required thickness when it starts to operate.

What can you do with the almond slice

Almond slice is very widely used, many cakes or desserts will need to use almond slice. Sprinkle a layer of the almond slice on the surface of these desserts can not only make the food looks more attractive to customers, but also for the food itself to increase the unique taste, more popular with consumers.

Small cake with sliced almonds
Small Cake With Sliced Almonds

In addition to the production of almond biscuit, almond candy, the almond cake also need to use almond slice, which shows that the use of almond slice is very extensive.

How does the almond slicing machine make almond slices

The main working parts of the almond slicing machine are the pneumatic feeding device and the slicing device.

Slicing machine with air compressor
Slicing Machine With Air Compressor

When the almonds enter the body from the hopper, the pneumatic device will push the almonds into the slicing device, and the slicing tool will quickly and accurately slice the almonds into thin slices.

Advantages of almond slicing machine

  • The almond slicer is made of stainless steel material, which has no pollution to almond and ensures food safety.
  • The cutting blade is made of high quality, wear-resistant steel, which can greatly extend the service life.
  • The thickness of cut almond slices can adjust, and the thickness between 0.3-2mm can be easily sliced.
  • The machine also has the advantage of short-term efficiency, which can finish the almond slicing in a short time.

Display of almond slices

Almond slices
Almond Slices