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How to crack cashew nuts

Cashew nuts
Cashews are plants that grow in warm climates. They have an extremely hard shell that protects them from the elements. But how to crack cashew nuts, later on, becomes a problem, and we usually do it in one of two ways.

Walnut Sheller Manufacturer

semen juglandis
Choose high-quality walnut sheller manufacturers, will bring their own economic benefits multiple times. Therefore, in the choice of mechanical equipment processing manufacturers, must be from various aspects of research.

Almond special shelling machine

Almond special shelling machine is high efficiency and low energy consumption sheller equipment. Most almond manufacturers will choose this sheller for almond food processing in the early stage of processing. In addition, the sheller has the advantages of high husking efficiency and no damage to nuts.

What is an almond sheller?

Almond sheller is a kind of equipment used to break the hard shell of almond. Besides almond, it can also handle similar nuts such as hazelnut, so it has a wide range of applications.

How to choose the high-quality green walnut peeler

green walnuts
A high-quality walnut peeling machine can greatly reduce the damage to walnuts and will improve the overall efficiency of the walnut production line. So select high-quality walnut peeling machine to start a business is a good start. But how to choose high - quality green walnut peeling machine?

Automatic green walnut peeling machine

Walnut is just picked when the outer layer is wrapped with a layer of a green shell. Want to peel the walnut shell, the first to remove the green shell of a walnut. A fully automatic green walnut peeling machine, only used for walnut peel a machine. Compared with artificial peeling, peeling efficiency is higher.

Which equipment is used to split cocoa beans?

cocoa pods
For most cocoa growers, opening the pods to get the beans is a difficult process. And the traditional method of split cocoa beans with a knife is time-consuming and damaging. As a result, an automatic cocoa pod cutter was born. This machine is widely used in the cocoa pod cutting treatment.
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