How does the oil press operate?

The oil press is widely used in the nut, grain, and other products pressing treatment. And the application field is very wide, whether it is household or factory batch production, this oil press is your best choice. On the other hand, in fact, the oil press structure is simple, easy to operate, widely welcomed by customers all over the world.

Why use an oil press?

With oil press squeeze oil and store sales of oil is not too same.

Sold on the market of oil is commonly adopt the way of chemical leaching because this way yield efficiency is relatively high, processing speed, leaching of raw materials for light gasoline.

But by way of this kind of extraction oil, nutrients may be damaged in the process.

Factory photo
Factory Photo

The oil press is the physical press method. Not only high oil yield but also to ensure that the nutrients contained in the raw materials will not be destroyed. Many individual dealers and factories will choose this oil press.

Correct operating instructions

  • The pressing machine should be preheated before oil pressing each time. The preheating temperature is recommended to be 70-80℃ in summer and autumn and 80-100℃ in winter and spring.
  • Hold the upper roof handle and fully open the upper roof at a 180-degree angle to the working position. Pad the bottom of the press chamber and drop the piston into position for later use.
  • Before adding materials, the machine should be operated 1-2 times. If the oil pressure thickens due to the cold weather, the running time of the long air machine should be increased to 5-10 minutes. After the oil thins, the oil pressing shall be officially started.
  • After draining all the lampblack from the cooked materials, put them into the pressure chamber.
  • Pad the upper end of the oil in the press chamber, place the material separator plate on the end face of the press chamber and push it flat into the press chamber. If the oil is less, you can start the oil up. So that the oil is kept on the upper plane slightly lower than the end of the pressure chamber. Otherwise, it will not close the roof phenomenon.
  • This kind of machine must be operated by a special person. In particular, the main engine should not leave people during the process of boosting. When the pressure gauge reached 55 million mpa main motor should stop work. Otherwise should immediately shut off the power, and check the pressure gauge whether any damage or malfunction, the ac contactor whether damaged. If the above several ways should be replaced immediately, to check again after the operation.
Widely used pressing machine
Widely Used Pressing Machine