Commercial almond slicer for sale

The almond slicer can quickly cut almonds into slices, and can also process other nuts, such as peanut slices, cashew slices, etc. Do you know how commercial slices are cut?

How do you slice almonds commercially?

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Almond Slicer

We often see almond slices or peanut slices on some cakes and other desserts. If only a small amount of almond slices are cut, it can be processed by hand, but it is also very difficult. So how does it work in biscuit processing factories and dessert shops? Almond slices are actually processed by machines. The almond slicing machine can quickly slice all kinds of nuts.

Use of almond slicing machine

Almond slices can be used to make the layer of cakes and biscuits. Firstly, it can increase the appearance of desserts. In addition, it can enrich the taste of cakes, so that the hard taste of almond nuts and the creamy taste is in sharp contrast. According to the general statistics of desserts, Desserts with nuts on the outer layer are more popular than desserts without nuts. Even desserts with nuts are more expensive because most people can accept the taste of almond nuts unless they are allergic to them.

How does an almond slicer work?

The almond slicer can be used both dry and wet, but after experiments, it has been found that dry almonds produce more waste than wet almonds. This is because dry almonds are more brittle and may produce more almonds when passing through the machine blade. We can soak the almonds before putting them into the machine, and then slice them.

Almond slicer related machines

In addition to slicing, there is also a machine that can cut peanuts, because some slices are too big on some small chocolate candies, and some nuts can be used to layer candies and biscuits.