Semi-automatic peanut butter production line

Peanut butter production line
The peanut butter production line is a complete semi-automated production line, from the shell of the peanut to the final packaging is included. In fact, the production of peanut butter involves three main steps: roasting, peeling, and grinding.

Cashew nut production line

Cashew nut processing machine
From the harvest to the sale of cashews, a series of processing processes are required. These include grading, cooking, drying, shelling, sieving, drying, peeling, kernel grading, baking, and final packaging.

Coated peanut production line

Coated peanut making machine
The production line of coated peanuts can realize the whole process from raw peanut to finished peanut wrapping product. The whole coated peanut production line adopts semi-automatic process with excellent production technology.

Coated peanut swing roasting oven

swing oven
The peanut swing oven is a special piece of equipment for all kinds of peanut coated roasting. Different from the previous roasting equipment, the swing oven will keep shaking during baking to avoid peanut adhesion and make peanuts evenly heated.

Peanut coating machine

Peanut coating machine
Peanut coating machine can also be called a sugar coating machine, widely used in the field of snack food processing. According to the principle of eccentricity, the peanut is rolled inside the pot to achieve the purpose of uniform mixing. In addition, depending on the coating material and taste, the final peanut products are also various.

Peanut butter filling machine

Peanut butter filling machine
Peanut butter is an ideal nutrient food with high protein and fat. The peanut butter filling machine is the final step in a series of steps from peanut to peanut butter: that is packaging the resulting peanut butter. It directly determines the consumer's first impression of peanut butter when it enters the market.

Cocoa pod splitting machine

cocoa pod splitting machine
The cocoa bean is a product of cutting open pods, the seeds of the cacao tree. Growers who grow a lot of cacao trees need the help of a cocoa pod splitting machine to open the pods during the harvest season so that they can get the beans further for subsequent processing.

Commercial electric grain grinding mill machine/grinder

grinding mill machine
The use of the grinding machine is very wide, can grind most of the cereal products, soya-bean milk, soya-bean flour, rice milk, and so on. It can also be processed with oily crops such as peanuts. The variety of the mill also has a variety, you can according to the actual production needs to make a reasonable choice.

The cocoa bean processing plant

cocoa bean processing plant
Cocoa beans are the product of pods cut open and are rich in multiple nutrients and benefits, as well as being used in a variety of foods. The cocoa bean processing line is the initial processing of the cocoa bean and also the preparation of the cocoa bean for later processing into other products.