200-300KG/H sesame peeling machine | sesame skin remover machine

A sesame peeling machine is a machine specially used for sesame peeling, and it also has a cleaning function. After the sesame skin is removed, it can keep the sesame taste smoother and remove the bitter taste on the sesame skin. If you produce some sesame food, you need to remove the sesame skin.

Why do sesame seeds need to be peeled?

Both black sesame and white sesame have skins. Sesame does not need to be peeled in the general sesame oil processing and production process. By then, the oxalate content in the sesame skin has reached 2%-3%, resulting in The color of sesame oil being darker and the sesame oil cake being bitter, so the sesame oil cake cannot be used and can only be used as feed for cattle, causing waste. In addition, sesame with skin is not good for people to absorb the protein, so if it is used directly, it is necessary to remove the sesame skin in order to have a better taste.

Sesame peeling machine
Sesame Peeling Machine

Preparation before peeling sesame seeds

You need to soak sesame seeds in room temperature water or hot water, 50-60℃ is the best. In addition, in order to reduce the soaking time and better peel off, you can add a certain amount of caustic soda in the water, and after soaking for a period of time, pour the sesame into the sesame Peeling machine.

Sesame skin remover machine technical support

The purpose of the present invention is that the traditional sesame hulling method in the prior art may cause agglomeration or gelatinization of sesame seeds during the peeling process. To this end, a method for peeling sesame seeds is provided, which solves the possibility of agglomeration of sesame seeds. Or gelatinization.
The working principle of the sesame peeling machine

Through the full stirring in the mixing tank, the sesame hulls and the sesame kernels will be separated, and the sesame kernels can be separated due to the weight difference between the hulls and kernels.

Sesame skin remover
Sesame Skin Remover

Sesame peeling machine parameters

Size: 1730x800x2500

Power: 3.7KW

Capacity: 200-300KG/H
Material: touch the sesame part 304

Sesame hulling machine mechanical structure

Mainly include body, compound agitator, separator, positioner, inlet and outlet, reduction gearbox, etc.

The function of sesame peeling machine


The special agitator driven by the speed reducer will lift the peripheral sesame seeds and the center upwards and the sesame seeds will continuously move downwards so that the sesame seeds will move up and down, and then the sesame seeds will be completely soaked in the water.


The stirrer driven by the speed reducer makes the soaked sesame spin up and down quickly. Through the friction between the sesame seeds and the rotational force from the mixer, the outer shell will be removed from the inner core.

3.Separation of skin and kernel

The agitator driven by the reducer continuously pushes the shells and nuts to move in the radial and axial directions. The shell is discharged through the holes in the plate, and the grains are supported by the plate with holes, so they are separated from each other.

Sesame peeling machine
Sesame Hulling Machine

Sesame peeling machine video

sesame skin remover machine