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How to choose the drum sieving machine?

The drum sieving machine is often used in the screening equipment, with the advantages of high screening efficiency, in the current market demand is very large. Therefore, more and more manufacturers began to produce this kind of equipment, but now the market drum sieving machine form and specifications are diverse. Do you know how to choose the right drum sieving machine?

How is a cocoa powder manufactured?

Cocoa powder
Cocoa powder is a kind of brown powder extracted and refined from the cocoa bean. It is rich in protein, various amino acids, and vitamins, and has many benefits to the human body. There are many processes involved in making cocoa. Here is a brief introduction to how the cocoa powder is made.

How does the oil press operate?

oil press
The oil press is widely used in the nut, grain, and other products pressing treatment. And the application field is very wide, whether it is household or factory batch production, this oil press is your best choice. On the other hand, in fact, the oil press structure is simple, easy to operate, widely welcomed by customers all over the world.

What is the difference between electromagnetic roaster and electric heating roaster?

Roasted nuts
Electromagnetic roaster and electric heating roaster are two relatively common roasting machines. As can be seen from the name, the heating methods of the two machines are different. Compared with the traditional electric heating roasting machine, an electromagnetic roasting machine has electromagnetic induction heating and a unique intelligent temperature control system, which makes roasting more convenient.

What is the best machine to make peanut butter?

peanut butter
Peanut butter is very common in people’s daily life. It is made from ground peanuts and can be used in breakfast and many noodles. While ensuring rich nutrition, it also has a unique taste, widely favored by consumers. So, do you know how to make peanut butter?

Commercial cashew nut roaster

cashew nuts
Commercial cashew nut roaster is a kind of machine which is especially common in the production line of cashew. Mainly used for drying cashew. This machine makes use of an automatic temperature control system. So that cashew nuts can be evenly heated in the roasting process, effectively ensuring the roasting quality.

Is there an easy way to slice almonds?

It is not difficult to find that there are many foods on the market, such as cakes, biscuits, breads, pastries and so on, with almond flake on the surface. Such food looks more beautiful in appearance, makes consumers have more appetite, and tastes great. So how do you make these slices? Is there an easy way to slice almonds?

Is the red skin of peanuts good for you

Peanuts have high nutritional value, often eat peanuts can not only supplement rich protein but also promote appetite, supplement qi, and blood. So the peanut outside that layer of the red skin can eat it? Is the red skin of peanuts good for you?

How to easily remove peanut skins

How to easily remove peanut skins
After removing the shell of a peanut, there will be a layer of the red seed coat, which is actually edible. However, there are some special peanut products that need to be made after removing the skins. Therefore, some simple techniques of removing the skins of peanut are needed to help us achieve this step better. So do you know how to easily remove peanut skins?

Can cashew nut skin be eaten?

cashews with skin
Cashew nuts are an extremely nutritious nut and are mainly grown in Countries such as India, Brazil, Vietnam, Mozambique, and Tanzania. In recent years, people are more and more in favor of cashew nuts, cashew nuts in the market demand degree is also higher and higher. However, about the consumption of cashew nut skin, how much do you know?
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