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Cashew nut processing machine in Nigeria

Nigeria is the eighth-largest producer of cashews in Africa, and it is one of 13 products to be encouraged for export. As a result, the cashew nut processing machine is also common in Nigeria, and are essential for cashew growers and food manufacturers.

The process of peeling raw cashew nuts

cashew peeling
How to remove the skin of cashew has a great impact on the quality of cashew, so it is necessary to strictly control each step of cashew peel, in order to ensure the best effect of cashew in the follow-up processing steps and the quality of the final sales.

Cashew nut size sorting machine for sale

cashew nuts
Cashews vary in size and shape due to the growth environment and various other external factors. After opening the cashew shell, the fullness, size, and shape of cashew nuts are not uniform, but at the same time, the sales standard of cashew nuts is very high.

How do you open peanut shells?

Peanut is one of the important oil-bearing crops and also one of the common agricultural products. Peanut is also widely used in the food industry. After processing with different technologies, it can be made into a variety of peanut products
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