Small flour mill for home use

In addition to the professional gristmill used in the flour mill, there is a domestic mill, this kind of machine is smaller, more save floor space; At the same time grinding fineness can also be adjusted, is the best choice of home mill.

The use of a small flour mill scene

The small flour mill is specifically aimed at those small production customer groups. Compared to the large mill, either volume or weight, are more convenient for users to operate.

First of all, if you need to make powder food in your daily home, then such a mill is essential. Only a simple operation can be met the requirements of a fine powder. If it is a small gristmill, large machines will take up most of the space, have a certain impact on the operation, and too little processing will also cause unnecessary waste. Small milling opportunities to solve these two problems at the same time, more suitable for small processors.

How to operate the flour mill?

Because the flour mill itself has the characteristics of a compact structure, so the operation is also very simple. After connected the power supply, poured the raw materials that need grinding into the feed port at the top of the machine. And the grinding device will begin to grind the material. Because of the friction between the grinding disc, the material will be ground into powder quickly and discharged from the lower discharge port.

Small mill
Small Mill

If the operator is not satisfied with the fineness of the grinding, the second grinding can be carried out. And the fineness of the grinding can be adjusted appropriately.

Can be used for grinding whole grains

In addition, the use of small mills is also very wide. The general majority of customers will be on grain products milling processing, such as soybeans, rice; Of course, in addition to grains, cocoa powder can not be made without this kind of mill. Coupled with the advantage of fast grinding speed, it can be used in a wide range of fields.

Cocoa powder
Cocoa Powder

How to maintain a small flour mill at home?

The machine in the process of use is the need for regular proper maintenance, can maximize the service life of the machine.

Powder milling machine
Powder Milling Machine

First of all, this kind of small mill in use need to pay attention to must use in line with the power of the voltage, to avoid the voltage mismatch on the line. After the machine is used, it can be simply wiped with a special cloth. In addition, the grinding disc of the machine may have a certain degree of wear and tear after long-term use. The operator can replace or adjust it according to the instructions.