Industrial cocoa powder milling machine/cocoa powder miller

A cocoa powder milling machine can grind cocoa into fine cocoa powder. Cocoa powder is also very widely used, can be used in a variety of desserts or other cocoa flavor food processing and manufacturing. This type of machine is also common in food processing plants and is the best milling machine for grinding.

Introduction to the composition and structure of cocoa powder milling machine

The cocoa powder milling machine mainly composed of three parts: frame, crushing device, hopper, and outlet.

Stainless steel cocoa powder milling machine
Stainless Steel Cocoa Powder Milling Machine

The crushing device is the core of the milling machine. When the material into the device, through the fixed teeth and movable teeth of mutual friction and grinding under the comprehensive action of crushing purpose. The grinding powder will directly discharge from the crushing chamber;

In addition, changing the screen mesh into a different aperture can also control the fineness of the powder ground by the mill.

How does the milling machine grind the cocoa into powder?

Before grinding the cocoa, the cocoa should process in several steps.
First cocoa need after roasting and peeling of the pretreatment. And then processed cocoa beans by colloid mill grinding into a cocoa paste. Cocoa paste at this time also contains a lot of cocoa butter, so the need for oil extracting. Through the hydraulic oil press of cocoa butter extract, will eventually get cocoa cake. And the cocoa cake is made of cocoa powder raw materials directly.

Cocoa cake piece
Cocoa Cake Piece

After drying the cocoa cakes can be directly into the milling machine for grinding.

In addition, according to the degreasing degree of oil. Cocoa powder mainly divided into two kinds: natural powder and alkaline powder. Natural cocoa generally has a pH of 5.4 to 5.7 and alkalized cocoa has a pH of 6.8 to 7.2.

Cocoa powder is used in many ways

Because of the difference in the fat content of cocoa powder, natural cocoa powder usually used in the making of chocolate. While the alkalized cocoa powder melted to give it a brighter glow and often used in the mix of drinks.

The working scene of the milling machine
The Working Scene Of The Milling Machine

In addition, there are more uses of cocoa powder. Such as cocoa powder chocolate mousse, cocoa powder chocolate biscuits, cocoa hot drinks, cocoa toast, and so on. Which can be seen everywhere in life.

Picture display of food with cocoa powder

Cocoa cake
Cocoa Cake