What is the difference between cold-pressed oil and hot-pressed oil when pressing?

Generally speaking, there are two ways of pressing oil: cold pressing and hot pressing. Due to the difference in oil crops, different pressing methods usually need under different circumstances. So, what’s the difference between hot-processed oil and cold-pressed oil?

Introduction and advantages of cold-pressed oil

Cold-pressed oil is an edible vegetable oil produced by pressing raw material at low temperature (40-60℃). Cold-pressed oil color is good, relatively light, in the food will not froth, not silt pot, not heat, suitable for frying. But the oil does not taste very well.

Cold pressed oil
Cold Pressed Oil

Cold pressed oil mainly has the following advantages:

  1. Cold-pressed oil ensures that not destroyed all kinds of nutrients, the content of unsaturated fatty acids is high. And effectively eliminates the residue of acid, alkali, heavy metal and cholesterol, and other harmful substances. So that the oil is clear, natural fragrance, original taste, pure natural.
  2. This kind of oil help to promote the development of the nervous system, bone, and brain. Prevent diseases such as arteriosclerosis, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and digestive system disorders. And has a good prevention effect on osteoporosis and is conducive to metabolism.
  3. Cold-pressed oil is less lampblack, lampblack is easy to hurt the lung, some volatile substances will even lead to cancer. And cold-pressed oil using cold pressing technology, reduce the trouble of lampblack.

Introduction and advantages of hot-pressed oil

Hot pressed oil is the product oil formed by physical pressing after the oil is roasted at high temperature (120-130℃). Most of the vegetable oil we eat in our daily life is hot pressing oil, which has high oil yield and simple operation. Most of the oil mills use hot pressed oil.

Hot pressed oil tastes pure and fragrant, especially sesame and peanut, which are rich in oil. But when it is not processed, it will foam and silt when it is fried, which needs to be filtered by a centrifugal oil filter.

Hot pressed oil
Hot Pressed Oil

These two kind of oil have their advantages

Cold-pressed and hot pressing can not directly say good or bad, because the production process is different. Although the cold oil original, is the choice of a healthy life, most of the oil is not suitable for cold press. With soybean and high erucic acid rapeseed, cottonseed, peanut, sesame, for example. Soybean oil containing bean smell and high erucic acid rapeseed oil of spicy, and metamorphic oil such as aflatoxin must pass through refining to remove. The aroma of sesame oil and peanut oil must be hot pressed to obtain.

So in summary, cold-pressed oil is healthier, and hot-pressed oil is tastier.

Oil press

Whether hot pressing or cold pressing, the completion of oil pressing is ultimately inseparable from the oil press.

Oil press can divide into household oil press, hydraulic mechanism oil machine, screw oil machine, new hydraulic oil press, high-efficiency fine filter oil press, automatic oil press, etc. Customers need to complete the selection of oil press according to the actual demand.

Hydraulic nut oil press
Hydraulic Oil Press