Tajikistan Customers Visit the Hazelnut Cracker Line

Recently, Tajikistan customers visited the Taizy factory and purchased the hazelnut cracker machine for opening a slit in hazelnuts. The hazelnut cracker machine is specially designed for opening nuts with high efficiency and high output.

What are the Needs of Customers in Tajikistan?

The customer in Tajikistan needed to open large quantities of hazelnuts, and manual cracking was both unhygienic and inefficient. A friend recommended hazelnut cracker equipment from the Taizy machinery factory.

The Tajikistan customer was worried that the hazelnut cracking rate was not good, so he brought his friend together to the Taizy factory, they brought a bag of hazelnuts over, and our manager and workers on-site for the Tajikistan customers to test the operation of the machine, the Tajikistan customers look at their hazelnuts brought the cracking rate of 99%, very satisfied.

Why did the Customer End up Choosing Taizy?

Taizy’s hazelnut opening line utilizes an automated production process that allows one person to perform the entire operation. As the whole process is mechanized, quality and hygiene problems caused by manual labor are reduced.

As tested by customers in Tajikistan, the opening rate of Taizy Maschinenbau’s hazelnut cracker line is as high as 99%. Since Taizy’s machinery is all factory-produced and self-sold, we offer the lowest prices for goods of the same quality, and our Tajik customers are very satisfied with our offers.

Feedback from the Tajikistan Customer

The Tajikistan customer put it to use immediately after receiving the shipment.

After a month of use, the customer called us to express his gratitude, “The quality of machinery from Taizy factory is reliable and efficient. Our hazelnuts are more popular in the region and we look forward to more cooperation in the future.”