cashew nut peeling machine

The process of peeling raw cashew nuts

cashew peeling
How to remove the skin of cashew has a great impact on the quality of cashew, so it is necessary to strictly control each step of cashew peel, in order to ensure the best effect of cashew in the follow-up processing steps and the quality of the final sales.

Can cashew nut skin be eaten?

cashews with skin
Cashew nuts are an extremely nutritious nut and are mainly grown in Countries such as India, Brazil, Vietnam, Mozambique, and Tanzania. In recent years, people are more and more in favor of cashew nuts, cashew nuts in the market demand degree is also higher and higher. However, about the consumption of cashew nut skin, how much do you know?

Cashew nut peeling machine

cashew nut peeling machine
Cashew nut peeling machine is the equipment to peel cashew nuts. In addition to having a hard shell, cashew nuts also have a skin on the surface of the kernel. The cashew peeling machine is specially designed to remove the skin effectively, so as to get the white and clean cashew.