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Four ways to peel green walnuts

Green walnuts
Since the harvest period of walnuts is relatively concentrated and the season is short after the walnut fruit is harvested, the outer green peel must be removed as soon as possible to keep the surface of the walnut hard shell clean, otherwise, the walnut kernel will be mildewed, which will seriously affect the walnut’s quality. Intrinsic quality, here are four ways to peel green walnuts.

Peanut butter making machine sold to Kenya

Peanut butter making
e whole conversation took a long time. Before purchasing the machine, the customer also rented a local peanut butter grinder for experiments and confirmed his own After the demand, the decision to purchase the demand is made. After the introduction of both parties and the understanding of the customer, the customer finally purchased the colloid mill and baking machine.

Fresh cocoa pod cutting machine sale to Côte d’Ivoire

Cocoa pod cutting machine
fruit of the cocoa tree. There are about 20-40 seeds in each cocoa bean. After the cocoa fruit is picked, the cocoa pods need to be opened. However, the cocoa pods are thicker in texture and are not so easy to open. The cocoa pod cutting machine can help open the cocoa pods quickly.

Three kinds of peanut product introduction

Peanut processing equipment
Peanuts can be formed into different products through peanut processing equipment, and peanut products are very popular. Such as peanut candy, peanut butter, coated peanuts, fried peanuts, etc. Our company has developed a variety of peanut snack production machines.

Cocoa pod breaking machine used to split cocoa pods

Cocoa pod breaking machine
Cocoa beans are the fruit seeds of the cacao tree. Cocoa beans are mainly grown in Central and South America, West Africa, and Southeast Asia. Because the local climate is hot and rainy, it is suitable for the growth of cocoa beans. Cocoa beans grown in different regions have different tastes, some have a fruity aroma, and some have a smoky flavor. A cocoa pod-breaking machine is a machine that takes out cocoa beans from cocoa fruit,it is used in cocoa processing plants and cocoa plantations.

Sesame seed hulling machine for sale

Sesame seed hulling machine
A sesame seed hulling machine is a device used to peel sesame seeds through soaking. The dehulled shell kernel separation achieves the purpose of sesame dehulling and also plays a role in sesame cleaning. Sesame peeling ensures the integrity of sesame during the process of peeling, and the nutrient content of sesame will not be lost. At present, sesame peeling machines have been widely used in Australia, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Tanzania, Sudan, and other places. The machines are small and medium-sized machines. Suitable for all kinds of sesame food processors.

Flour coated peanut swing roasting machine shipped to Nigeria

Flour coated peanut swing roasting machine
The flour-coated peanut swing oven was shipped to Nigeria in October. The swing oven is a commercial oven with a roasting function and necessary equipment for roasting nuts. This machine is mainly used in the food processing industry, beans, nuts, nuts (such as peanuts, milky white rice, boiled spiced peanuts, melon seeds, almonds, chestnuts, broad beans), etc. to reduce moisture, dry and roast cooked products.

Industrial peanut screw oil press machine factory price

Peanut screw oil press machine
nut screw oil press machine is a kind of equipment used to press oil, which can process various materials such as peanut oil, rapeseed oil, soybean oil, etc, and has a wide range of applications. Our factory has recently produced a batch of new screw oil presses, there are different models, are you interested to know about it?

Coated Peanut Line Exported to Cambodia

Coated peanut production line
The coated peanut line is a production line that specializes in making coated peanut snacks. The raw material of the product is peanuts. The coated peanut line includes ovens, peeling machines, swing ovens, cooling carts, coating machines, seasoning machines, packaging machines, etc. . We recently signed a contract with a Cambodian customer to export a 300kg/h coated peanut production line to Cambodia.
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