Three kinds of peanut product introduction

Peanuts can be formed into different products through peanut processing equipment, and peanut products are very popular. Such as peanut candy, peanut butter, coated peanuts, fried peanuts, etc. Our company has developed a variety of peanut snack production machines.

Type one:peanut butter

Peanut butter
Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is an extract of peanut oil with a yellowish-brown color and a fragrant peanut fragrance. According to different production and processing techniques, it can be divided into two types: sweet peanut butter and salty peanut butter. Often eaten as an ingredient, it is used to make peanut-flavored cookies, baked goods, and more. The fully automatic peanut butter production line can carry out all processing equipment such as peanut shelling, peeling, peanut butter grinding, and filling.

Peanut butter production equipment introduction

Peanut butter production line
Peanut Butter Production Line

(1)Peanut Sheller: Remove Peanut Shells

(2) Oven: Roast the peanuts.

(3) Peeling machine: Peel the dried and roasted peanuts, and the peeled rice is automatically separated during the peeling process to ensure the quality of the peeled peanuts.

(4) Sauce grinding machine: The peanuts are ground many times, and the processing fineness is further improved.

(5)Condenser: Cool the ground peanut butter.

(6)Degassing tank: Degas peanut butter before filling.

(7) Filling: filling and packaging.

Type two:coated peanut

Coated peanut
Coated Peanut

Coated peanuts are a very popular snack. Coated peanuts are made by wrapping peanuts with flour and baking and seasoning. Coated peanuts come in a variety of flavors, such as honey, egg yolk, and spicy. Coated peanut production line process is roasting–peanut peeling–coating–baking–seasoning–cooling–packaging

Coated peanut processing equipment introduction

Coated peanut processing equipment
Coated Peanut Production Line

(1)Peanut roaster: easy peeling of peanuts after roasting

(2)Peeler: removes peanut red coat

(3)Coater: Coat the surface of peanuts evenly with flour to form a smooth round surface

(4)Swinging oven: During the baking process, the seeds can be swayed left and right, so that the peanuts are evenly heated

(5)Seasoning machine: make wraps of various flavors, add seasonings to automatically season

Type threepeanut candy

Peanut candy
Peanut Candy

Peanut candy is a snack formed by mixing peanuts and sugar and processed by a molding machine. Peanut candy production process of peanut candy is very simple. Many businessmen choose to produce peanut candy and have achieved good profits. Sesame candy and other nut candies can also be processed using the peanut candy production line, with various functions. The basic production steps are candy cooking, raw material mixing, peanut candy forming, and packaging.

Peanut candy processing equipment introduction

Peanut candy processing equipment
Peanut Candy Production Line

(1)Jacketed pot: Melt the sugar

(2)Blender: Blend ingredients such as sugar and peanuts

(3)Forming machine: Cut the peanut candy as required

Shuli machinery’s peanut processing equipment

Shuli’s flower production equipment is relatively comprehensive, and there are many models. Many of our customers grow a lot of peanuts. If they want to start a peanut production business, we will introduce the corresponding peanut production machines according to the customer’s production intention and local living habits.