Nut Shelling & Cracking Machine

Peanut Shelling Cracking machine | Groundnut sheller

peanut shelling machine
Peanut shelling machine is a equipment which is mainly used to remove peanut shell and get red peanut kernel. In addition, this machine can also remove the shell of sunflower seeds and other similar seeds, which can effectively separate the shell and seeds. And is widely used in the peanut processing industry.

Walnut cracking machine

Walnut cracking machine
Fully automatic walnut cracking machine is a professional equipment for shelling the hard shell of walnuts. This machine is widely used in the production line of walnut processing, the rate of shelling is high. Whether you are a walnut grower or a processing manufacturer, this fully automatic walnut sheller is your ideal choice.

Cashew nut shelling machine

cashew nut shelling machine
The cashew nut shelling machine is a kind of automatic equipment which is specially used to shuck the hard cashew shell. Compared with the traditional manual and manual equipment, the working efficiency of the automatic cashew nut cracking machine is higher, and the breakage rate of nuts is lower than that of manual sheller. Greatly improved the processing efficiency of cashew nuts.

Almond / Hazelnut shelling & cracking machine

nut shelling and cracking machine
Almond shelling machine is a professional equipment for the sheller of nuts. It can be used for the cracker of many kinds of nuts, such as almonds, hazelnuts, palm nuts, macadamia nuts and so on. High efficiency of cracking machine is an indispensable part of nut processing production line.