Coated Peanut Line Exported to Cambodia

The coated peanut line is a production line that specializes in making coated peanut snacks. The raw material of the product is peanuts. The line includes ovens, peeling machines, swing ovens, cooling carts, coating machines, seasoning machines, packaging machines, etc. . We recently signed a contract with a Cambodian customer to export a 300kg/h coated peanut production line to Cambodia.

Coated peanuts are a very famous snack, and they are loved in many countries. The production process of coated peanuts is relatively simple, and the equipment used is also a few small machines. Coated peanuts also have many flavors, the more popular one is honey-flavored coated peanuts. Different flavors of coated peanuts can also be produced by machines. The coated peanut production line is also equipped with a coated peanut flavoring machine.

Coated peanut
Coated Peanut

Cambodian customers to purchase coated peanut line

Cambodian customers mainly buy a whole production line, which mainly includes seven machines. There are corresponding machines from the roasting of peanuts to the packaging of peanuts. The electric heating method selected by the customer is used as the power source of the machine. The overall level of intelligence is relatively high. For example, the seasoning machine can automatically sprinkle ingredients, saving labor. The packaging machine has a coding function.

Coated peanut production
Coated Peanut Production Machine

Production process of coated peanuts

The raw material for the production of coated peanuts is peanut kernels. The peanuts need to be roasted first, using a roasting oven, and then the red skin of the peanuts needs to be removed, and then the peanuts must be roasted in a swing oven. The peanuts cannot be roasted immediately after roasting. For subsequent processing, it needs to be cooled, then peanuts are coated, and the peanut coating machine needs to be used for production. After coating, the peanuts are flavored, using a fully automatic peanut flavoring machine, and finally, the packaging is completed production line