Cashew production line shipped to Venezuela

Our cashew nut production line is welcomed by many regions. Recently, the machine was successfully shipped to Venezuela, and after customer inspection, the machine was able to run well.

How does the cashew nut production line work?

Cashew production line
Cashew Nut Production

Grading, cooking, drying, shelling, sieving, drying, peeling, kernel grading, baking, and final packaging. There are many steps in cashew nut processing, but the processing production line can be picked from the tree and sold on a line for production. The machine is very powerful.

Get in touch with customers

Customer test machine
Customer Test Machine

Customers read our company website and then get in touch with us through the contact information above. Through communication, we learned that the customer wants to conduct a cashew nut processing business. the customer himself has some knowledge about processing, but only a very small part of it. Through the introduction of our company’s professional staff, the customer knows the cashew nut processing industry better. Now, we should be more confident that we can have a good development in the cashew industry. After that, the two parties reached an agreement and signed a sales contract. After completing the order, we are ready to ship the customer immediately after signing the sales contract. The customer also received the machine soon, and it was very successful after the start-up test.