Industrial peanut screw oil press machine factory price

Peanut screw oil press machine is a kind of equipment used to press oil, which can process various materials such as peanut oil, rapeseed oil, soybean oil, etc, and has a wide range of applications. Our factory has recently produced a batch of new screw oil presses, there are different models, are you interested to know about it?

How do I start a peanut oil business?

Many people are rich in peanut resources, so they want to develop the peanut oil extraction industry, but they don’t know what is going on in the peanut oil extraction industry and what equipment is needed.

First, let’s take a look at the peanut oil extraction industry chain. The raw material is peanuts, and customers can use their own raw materials to charge customers for processing fees. If the daily processing volume is relatively large, the profit is still very considerable. In addition, the factory can also purchase peanut oil from local farmers in a unified manner, and then directly sell peanut oil. You can cooperate with some local canteen schools, etc., but this requires some refining equipment and requires more investment costs.

Peanut screw oil press machine
Peanut Screw Oil Press Machine

What can oil cakes do from Peanut screw oil press machine ?

After the peanuts are squeezed out of oil, there will be oil cakes. So what is the value of the oil cakes? Of course, the oil cakes can be sold to feed factories, farms, chemical plants, etc., which will all need these oil cakes.

How do you press peanuts for oil?

Generally, a screw press is used for fried peanut oil. A more important feature of the screw press is the high oil output rate. The screw press can produce 2-6 kg more oil than the old-fashioned oil press, and the screw presses the oil. The oil squeezed out by the machine is pure and covers a small area. It can be applied to various raw materials, such as soybean, sesame, rapeseed, flaxseed, walnut kernel, almond, and other materials.

Why is peanut oil bad?

Industrial Peanut Screw Oil Press Machine Factory Price 7

Aflatoxin is commonly found in soil, animals and plants, and various nuts. Under damp conditions, it is very easy to infect corn, soybeans, peanuts, and other crops. The edible oil extracted from these crops is also prone to Aspergillus flavus. The element exceeds the standard, which will have a certain impact on human health. Therefore, in the process of peanut oil extraction, special attention should be paid to whether the peanuts are moldy and the use of well-preserved peanuts.

The oil yield rate of common materials

Sesame oil yield: 42-55%, peanut oil yield: 40-60%, rapeseed oil yield: 58-38%, soybean oil yield: 10-16%, overall look at the oil yield of peanut oil extraction The first to compare is higher, and the price of raw materials are also relatively low. In addition, peanuts have more raw materials, so peanuts are a very good choice for oil extraction.

Peanut screw oil press machine
Peanut Screw Oil Press Machine

How does a Peanut screw oil press machine work ?

The squeezing screw shaft of the screw press is composed of several squeezing screws and pitch rings sleeved on the shaft. Each squeezing screw has a certain pitch and depth, and the pitch of each squeezing screw on a shaft is from the inlet to The discharge port is gradually shortened and the screw depth gradually becomes shallower, so that the volume of the press chamber gradually decreases from the inlet to the outlet.

When the blank enters the press chamber, it advances along with the screw level to the exit. Under the action of the screw thread rotation, it gradually advances from the feed end to the cake output end. Due to the change in the bottom diameter of the press screw thread from small to large, The volume of each section in the press chamber is gradually reduced; and because the press screw thread continuously pushes the raw material into the press chamber, the pressure generated by the front block and the rear push chamber compresses the raw material and squeezes out the oil.