How do you easily crack almonds?

How do you easily crack almonds
Almond is a kind of nut food with great nutritional value. It not only has edible value but also can use in cosmetics and medicine and other fields. In addition, now there are a lot of almond products on the market that are also widely loved by consumers. So before the production of almond products, how to effectively crack almonds?

How does almond shelling machines work?

Peel the shell of the almond
Almond shelling machine is more commonly used in the field of almond food processing, the machine will crush the shell of the almond at the same time, the initial shell and kernel screening. In addition to processing almond sheller, such as hazelnut, and other similar nuts can also be shelled processing, with a wide range of flexible use fields.

What can the flavor coating machine be used for?

Bean food flavoring
The flavor coating machine is common processing equipment in the food processing industry, especially in the field of leisure snack processing, this machine is indispensable. So what are the specific application scenarios of the flavor coating machine?

Different types of flavor mixing machine

The seasoning of nuts
There are a variety of snack products in the market, most of the food in the processing of the need for flavor mixing processing this step. There are many kinds of flavor mixing machine, and we will briefly introduce several main common types.

Special swing oven for coated peanuts

Special swing oven for coated peanuts
In the production process of coated peanuts, the coated peanuts need to be baked into shape. The ordinary baking equipment is not suitable for the processing of wrapped peanuts. Therefore, we need specially coated peanuts to the swing oven to complete this process.

Easy-to-use wrapped peanuts making machine

Coated peanuts
Usually, we will judge from multiple aspects, such as work efficiency, degree of automation, quality of finished products, etc. After evaluating multiple aspects, we can choose the best plan to complete the processing of coated peanuts.