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Use a Japan peanuts roasting machine to make fish skin peanuts

Japan peanuts roasting machine
Why does this name call Japanese peanuts? There are legends because Japanese peanuts originated in Japan, and there are also statements because Japanese peanuts are sold in Japan, the sales in Japan are particularly good, so the specific origin can not be particularly sure, but it is certain that this snack is very popular in many countries beans, Japanese peanut is also called fish skin peanuts, also called coated Peanuts.

100kg/h peanut butter production line exported to Congo

100kg/h peanut butter production line
The peanut butter production line customer in Congo is just starting to produce peanut butter, the customer has built a factory and then started to purchase equipment, the customer started to want a fully automatic peanut butter production line, but the output is smaller than the price, we told the customer that the fully automatic peanut butter production line is suitable for a large output machine. We configured suitable machines for the customer, starting from peanut raw material production to peanut butter packaging with corresponding machines. The Congolese customer also wanted the idea of cocoa butter, but the capital was not quite enough, and said that he would produce peanut butter for a period of time first, and then expand the cocoa butter business.

What can be processed with crushed peanuts

Crushed peanuts
▲ Crushed peanuts are used in many food processing, such as decoration, can be used for the decoration of cakes, and the decoration of snack skins. It can be added to ice cream or used as a condiment. For example, crushed peanuts will be added to the dip in a hot pot, and they will also be added when producing biscuits and cooking.

How to use the groundnut shelling machine correctly

Groundnut shelling machine
t shelling machine is a commonly used machine in agricultural production and processing. Through peanut sheller processing, peanut shells can be removed quickly and efficiently, which brings great convenience to planting and processing peanuts. Let's continue to understand the details of peanut shellers. usage right?

Four ways to peel green walnuts

Green walnuts
Since the harvest period of walnuts is relatively concentrated and the season is short after the walnut fruit is harvested, the outer green peel must be removed as soon as possible to keep the surface of the walnut hard shell clean, otherwise, the walnut kernel will be mildewed, which will seriously affect the walnut’s quality. Intrinsic quality, here are four ways to peel green walnuts.

Peanut butter making machine sold to Kenya

Peanut butter making
e whole conversation took a long time. Before purchasing the machine, the customer also rented a local peanut butter grinder for experiments and confirmed his own After the demand, the decision to purchase the demand is made. After the introduction of both parties and the understanding of the customer, the customer finally purchased the colloid mill and baking machine.
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