Nut Peeling Machine

Peanut Peeling and Half Cutting Machine for Sale With Factory Price

Peanut Peeling machine
A Half-grain peanut peeling machine is a machine used to remove the red skin of peanuts. Of course, the peeling machine can also peel cocoa beans, soybeans, and many grains. Many cereal processing companies will use such a machine, which is specially developed for peanut processing. This three-roll half-grain peanut machine has a wide range of uses, let's take a look

Dry type peanut skin peeling machine

Dry type peanut skin peeling machine
Dry type peanut skin peeling machine is specially used to remove the red outer skin of peanut kernels. The peanut tastes more delicious after removing the seed skin, which is widely loved by consumers. The peeling machine makes the shape of the peeling peanut complete and the peeling efficiency is high through a special process.

Wet type peanut skin peeling machine

Wet type peanut skin peeling machine
The wet type of peanut skin peeling machine is special equipment for removing the soaked peanut red outer skin. Wet peeling is a common method for peeling peanuts. The surface of the peanut after peeling is smooth and without damage. It is widely used in the early peeling treatment of peanut food.

Cashew nut kernel peeling machine for skin Removal

cashew nut peeling machine
Cashew nut peeling machine is the equipment to peel cashew nuts. In addition to having a hard shell, cashew nuts also have a skin on the surface of the kernel. The cashew peeling machine is specially designed to remove the skin effectively, so as to get the white and clean cashew.

Green walnut skin peeling machine

green walnut skin peeling machine
The green walnut is the name of the walnut hanging fruit period. We are common in daily life walnut, walnut is generally removed after the appearance of green skin. So, how to remove the green walnut peel, this is about to talk about the machine we want to introduce: green walnut skin peeling machine.